Source code for supervisely.pointcloud_episodes.pointcloud_episodes

"""Functions for processing pointcloud episodes"""

from supervisely._utils import is_development, abs_url

[docs]def get_labeling_tool_url(dataset_id, pointcloud_id): """ Get the URL for the labeling tool with the specified dataset ID and poin tcloud ID. :param dataset_id: Dataset ID in Supervisely. :type dataset_id: int :param pointcloud_id: Point cloud ID in Supervisely. :type pointcloud_id: int :return: URL for the labeling tool with the specified dataset ID and point cloud ID :rtype: str :Usage example: .. code-block:: python import os from dotenv import load_dotenv import supervisely as sly # Load secrets and create API object from .env file (recommended) # Learn more here: if sly.is_development(): load_dotenv(os.path.expanduser("~/supervisely.env")) api = sly.Api.from_env() # Pass values into the API constructor (optional, not recommended) # api = sly.Api(server_address="", token="4r47N...xaTatb") pointcloud_id = 19373403 pcd_info = api.pointcloud_episodes.get_info_by_id(pointcloud_id) url = sly.pointcloud_episodes.get_labeling_tool_url(pcd_info.dataset_id, print(url) # Output: # """ res = f"/app/point-clouds-tracking/?datasetId={dataset_id}&pointCloudId={pointcloud_id}" if is_development(): res = abs_url(res) return res