Source code for supervisely.imaging.font

# coding: utf-8

# docs
from typing import Tuple, Optional

import os

from PIL import ImageFont
from import get_file_ext, file_exists

_fonts = {}  # (font name, size) -> font

def _get_font_path_by_name(font_file_name: str) -> str:
    Walk over systems fonts paths and match with given font file name.

    :param font_file_name: Nameame of the font file.
    :type font_file_name: str
    :return: Full path of requested by name font or None if file not found in system paths.
    :rtype: str
    import matplotlib.font_manager as fontman

    fonts_paths_list = fontman.findSystemFonts()
    for path in fonts_paths_list:
        if os.path.basename(path) == font_file_name:
            return path
    return None

[docs]def load_font( font_file_name: str, font_size: Optional[int] = 12 ) -> ImageFont.FreeTypeFont: """ Set global font true-type for drawing. :param font_file_name: name of font file (example: 'DejaVuSansMono.ttf') :type font_file_name: str :param font_size: selected font size :type font_size: int :return: Font object :rtype: PIL.ImageFont.FreeTypeFont """ if get_file_ext(font_file_name) == FONT_EXTENSION: font_path = _get_font_path_by_name(font_file_name) if (font_path is not None) and file_exists(font_path): return ImageFont.truetype(font_path, font_size, encoding="utf-8") else: raise ValueError( 'Font file "{}" not found in system paths. Try to set another font.'.format( font_file_name ) ) else: raise ValueError("Supported only TrueType fonts!")
[docs]def get_font( font_file_name: Optional[str] = None, font_size: Optional[int] = 12 ) -> ImageFont.FreeTypeFont: """ Args: font_file_name: name of font file (example: 'DejaVuSansMono.ttf') font_size: selected font size Returns: font for drawing """ if font_file_name is None: font_file_name = DEFAULT_FONT_FILE_NAME font_key = (font_file_name, font_size) if font_key not in _fonts: _fonts[font_key] = load_font(font_file_name, font_size) return _fonts[font_key]
[docs]def get_readable_font_size(img_size: Tuple[int, int]) -> int: """ Get size of font for image with given sizes :param img_size: size of image :return: size of font """ minimal_font_size = 6 base_font_size = 14 base_image_size = 512 return max( minimal_font_size, round(base_font_size * (img_size[0] + img_size[1]) // 2) // base_image_size, )