Source code for supervisely.geometry.cuboid_3d

# coding: utf-8

from copy import deepcopy

from supervisely.geometry.constants import X, Y, Z, \
from supervisely.geometry.geometry import Geometry

[docs]class Vector3d: """ This is a class for creating and using Vector3d objects for Cuboid3d class objects """ def __init__(self, x, y, z): """ :param x: int :param y: int :param z: int """ self._x = x self._y = y self._z = z @property def x(self): """ """ return self._x @property def y(self): """ """ return self._y @property def z(self): """ """ return self._z
[docs] def to_json(self): """ The function to_json convert Vector3d class object to json format(dict) :return: Vector3d in json format """ return {X: self.x, Y: self.y, Z: self.z}
[docs] @classmethod def from_json(cls, data): """ The function from_json convert Vector3d from json format(dict) to Vector3d class object. :param data: Vector3d in json format(dict) :return: Vector3d class object """ x = data[X] y = data[Y] z = data[Z] return cls(x, y, z)
[docs] def clone(self): """ """ return deepcopy(self)
[docs]class Cuboid3d(Geometry): """ This is a class for creating and using Cuboid3d objects for Labels """
[docs] @staticmethod def geometry_name(): """ """ return 'cuboid_3d'
def __init__(self, position: Vector3d, rotation: Vector3d, dimensions: Vector3d, sly_id=None, class_id=None, labeler_login=None, updated_at=None, created_at=None): """ :param position: Vector3d class object :param rotation: Vector3d class object :param dimensions: Vector3d class object """ super().__init__(sly_id=sly_id, class_id=class_id, labeler_login=labeler_login, updated_at=updated_at, created_at=created_at) if type(position) is not Vector3d: raise TypeError("\"position\" param has to be of type {!r}".format(type(Vector3d))) if type(rotation) is not Vector3d: raise TypeError("\"rotation\" param has to be of type {!r}".format(type(Vector3d))) if type(dimensions) is not Vector3d: raise TypeError("\"dimensions\" param has to be of type {!r}".format(type(Vector3d))) self._position = position self._rotation = rotation self._dimensions = dimensions @property def position(self): """ """ return self._position.clone() @property def rotation(self): """ """ return self._rotation.clone() @property def dimensions(self): """ """ return self._dimensions.clone()
[docs] def to_json(self): """ The function to_json convert Cuboid3d class object to json format(dict) :return: Cuboid3d in json format """ res = {POSITION: self.position.to_json(), ROTATION: self.rotation.to_json(), DIMENTIONS: self.dimensions.to_json()} self._add_creation_info(res) return res
[docs] @classmethod def from_json(cls, data): """ The function from_json convert Cuboid3d from json format(dict) to Cuboid3d class object. :param data: Cuboid3d in json format(dict) :return: Cuboid3d class object """ position = Vector3d.from_json(data[POSITION]) rotation = Vector3d.from_json(data[ROTATION]) dimentions = Vector3d.from_json(data[DIMENTIONS]) labeler_login = data.get(LABELER_LOGIN, None) updated_at = data.get(UPDATED_AT, None) created_at = data.get(CREATED_AT, None) sly_id = data.get(ID, None) class_id = data.get(CLASS_ID, None) return cls(position, rotation, dimentions, sly_id=sly_id, class_id=class_id, labeler_login=labeler_login, updated_at=updated_at, created_at=created_at)