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# coding: utf-8

# docs
from typing import List, Optional

from supervisely.video_annotation.key_id_map import KeyIdMap
from supervisely.video_annotation.video_object_collection import VideoObjectCollection
from supervisely.api.entity_annotation.object_api import ObjectApi
from import VideoObjectTagApi

[docs]class VideoObjectApi(ObjectApi): """ :class:`VideoObject<supervisely.video_annotation.video_object.VideoObject>` for :class:`VideoAnnotation<supervisely.video_annotation.video_annotation.VideoAnnotation>`. """ def __init__(self, api): super().__init__(api) self.tag = VideoObjectTagApi(api)
[docs] def append_bulk( self, video_id: int, objects: VideoObjectCollection, key_id_map: Optional[KeyIdMap] = None, ) -> List[int]: """ Add Objects to Annotation Objects. :param video_id: Video ID in Supervidely. :type video_id: int :param objects: VideoAnnotation objects. :type objects: VideoObjectCollection :param key_id_map: KeyIdMap object. :type key_id_map: KeyIdMap, optional :return: List of objects IDs :rtype: :class:`List[int]` :Usage example: .. code-block:: python import supervisely as sly from supervisely.video_annotation.key_id_map import KeyIdMap os.environ['SERVER_ADDRESS'] = '' os.environ['API_TOKEN'] = 'Your Supervisely API Token' api = sly.Api.from_env() project_id = 17209 video_id = 19402023 meta_json = api.project.get_meta(project_id) project_meta = sly.ProjectMeta.from_json(meta_json) key_id_map = KeyIdMap() ann_info = ann = sly.VideoAnnotation.from_json(ann_info, project_meta, key_id_map), ann.objects, key_id_map) """ info = return self._append_bulk(, video_id, info.project_id, info.dataset_id, objects, key_id_map )