Source code for supervisely.api.role_api

# coding: utf-8
"""list all user roles that are available on private supervisely instance"""

# docs
from __future__ import annotations
from typing import List, Dict, Optional, NamedTuple

from enum import IntEnum
from supervisely.api.module_api import ApiField, ModuleApiBase

class RoleInfo(NamedTuple):
    id: int
    role: str
    created_at: str
    updated_at: str

[docs]class RoleApi(ModuleApiBase): """ API for working with Roles. :class:`RoleApi<RoleApi>` object is immutable. :param api: API connection to the server :type api: Api :Usage example: .. code-block:: python import os from dotenv import load_dotenv import supervisely as sly # Load secrets and create API object from .env file (recommended) # Learn more here: if sly.is_development(): load_dotenv(os.path.expanduser("~/supervisely.env")) api = sly.Api.from_env() # Pass values into the API constructor (optional, not recommended) # api = sly.Api(server_address="", token="4r47N...xaTatb") roles = api.role.get_list() # api usage example """
[docs] class DefaultRole(IntEnum): """class DefaultRole""" ADMIN = 1 """""" DEVELOPER = 2 """""" ANNOTATOR = 3 """""" VIEWER = 4 """"""
[docs] @staticmethod def info_sequence(): """ NamedTuple RoleInfo information about Role. :Example: .. code-block:: python RoleInfo(id=71, role='manager', created_at='2019-12-10T14:31:41.878Z', updated_at='2019-12-10T14:31:41.878Z') """ return [ApiField.ID, ApiField.ROLE, ApiField.CREATED_AT, ApiField.UPDATED_AT]
[docs] @staticmethod def info_tuple_name(): """ NamedTuple name - **RoleInfo**. """ return "RoleInfo"
[docs] def get_list(self, filters: Optional[List[Dict[str, str]]] = None) -> List[RoleInfo]: """ List of all roles that are available on private Supervisely instance. :param filters: List of params to sort output Roles. :type filters: list :return: List of all roles with information. See :class:`info_sequence<info_sequence>` :rtype: :class:`List[RoleInfo]` :Usage example: .. code-block:: python import supervisely as sly os.environ['SERVER_ADDRESS'] = '' os.environ['API_TOKEN'] = 'Your Supervisely API Token' api = sly.Api.from_env() roles = api.role.get_list() """ return self.get_list_all_pages("roles.list", {ApiField.FILTER: filters or []})
def _convert_json_info(self, info: dict, skip_missing=True): """ """ res = super()._convert_json_info(info, skip_missing=skip_missing) return RoleInfo(**res._asdict())