Source code for supervisely.api.project_class_api

# coding: utf-8
"""list available classes in supervisely project"""

# docs
from typing import Optional, List, Dict

from supervisely.api.module_api import ModuleApi
from supervisely.api.module_api import ApiField

[docs]class ProjectClassApi(ModuleApi): """ API for working with classes in Project. :class:`ProjectClassApi<ProjectClassApi>` object is immutable. :param api: API connection to the server :type api: Api """ @staticmethod def info_sequence(): return [ApiField.ID, #ApiField.PROJECT_ID, ApiField.NAME, ApiField.DESCRIPTION, ApiField.SHAPE, ApiField.COLOR, ApiField.CREATED_AT, ApiField.UPDATED_AT ]
[docs] @staticmethod def info_tuple_name(): """ NamedTuple name - **ProjectClassInfo**. """ return 'ProjectClassInfo'
[docs] def get_list(self, project_id: int, filters: Optional[List[Dict[str, str]]] = None) -> list: """ List of Classes in the given Project. :param project_id: Project ID in Supervisely. :type project_id: int :param filters: :type filters: list :return: List of classes. :rtype: :class:`list` """ return self.get_list_all_pages('advanced.object_classes.list', {ApiField.PROJECT_ID: project_id, "filter": filters or []})